North Dakota
 Victim Assistance

The plight of crime victims and witnesses to crime in North Dakota has improved with the development of victims and witness assistance programs and the passage of the Fair Treatment Standards for Victims and Witnesses of Crime; North Dakota Century Code 12.1-34 & 12.1-35. In response to the needs and rights of victims of crime, the Victim Assistance programs across the state formed the North Dakota Victim Assistance Association (NDVAA). The NDVAA is made up of more than 25 local, state and federal victim assistance programs throughout the state of North Dakota. The programs are located in law enforcement agencies, state and federal prosecutor's offices, domestic violence crisis centers and corrections offices, providing services to victims at every level of the criminal justice system.

NDVAA is an association of and for professionals who provide direct services to victim and witnesses of crime within the criminal justice system in North Dakota.


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